Rap by Spinal Cord

Could you believe if I told you the pituitary rises to the top in the brain?
It suffered a lot controlling the glands, controlling the growth.

The thyroid is down in the hood sitting on top of the throat,
breaking down food controlling the metabolism.

The adrenal worse down on the block hangin with the kidneys,
got to control adrenaline,

His homie below him near the kidney’s,
helping to maintain the sugar and insulin. (pancreas)

Here comes the ladies in the lower abdomen,
ovaries controls menstruation and ovulation producing estrogen.

The testes outside the block,
outside in the cold outer breach of the abdomen,
producing testosterone and sperm production.

Poem by Carbohydrates -

Pituitary gland is a hormonal gland. It controls all the other glands.

Thyroid gland is on the trachea, it’s involved in the energy you makea from the food that you take in on to the adrenals located on the abdomen.

Adrenals are on the top of the kidneys, helps with adrenaline, to help with stress. It’s one of the best.

Pancreas is at the bottom of the kidneys. Helps maintain blood sugar levels with ease.

Ovaries are at the lower abdomen. It works with ovulation and menstruation.

Testes are outside the lower abdomen. Produces testosterone and sperm production. Characteristics are masculine.

Poem by Descendants –

Pituitary is in the brain,
it controls your glands, that’s insane!

The thyroid is on the trachea,
It controls the metabolism,
that’s off the wallism!

The adrenal is on top of the kidneys,
it makes adrenaline that deals with stress,
so that you’re not a big old mess.

The pancreas is below the kidneys.
it helps maintain blood sure levels,
those crazy little rebels!

The ovaries are located by the lower abdomen,
they control the menstruation and ovulation,
female characteristics, it’s so amazing!

The testes are outside the lower abdomen,
they control testosterone and sperm production.